The Highest Quality Shepherds, With A Family Approach

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Our German Shepherds have every check mark for genetic quality, health, and beauty that you can find this side of the Atlantic Ocean. Follow your future furry companions blood line all the way back to their great grandparents! AKC certified and Gypsy Rooster Ranch approved.

A raw food diet for Shepherds is becoming more & more popular for people who care about their dogs health and eating quality.

We always feed our dogs Chicken, Liver, Beef, Farm-Fresh Eggs, Olive Oil, etc. and encourage people to do away with the “traditional” commercially processed pellets.

Benefits include:

  • -Superior joint and bone health.
  • -Strengthened immune system.
  • Improved skin and softer, shinier coat.
  • -Superior dental health.
  • Reduced stool volume and odor.
  • -Enhanced reproductive health.
  • -Reduced Body Odor.

Our puppies are raised on our farm and from day-one they are acclimated to living and interacting gently with chickens, children, cats, other dogs, etc. These early experiences prepare each puppy to have an easier time being introduced into their new home and family.

The first two months of any newborn’s life is a very important and impactful time. Its  important for the puppies to have a safe, and calm place to call home. Any negative or painful  experience at that young age can leave a dog fearful, anxious, or antisocial.

Our German Shepherds live on our 45 acre farm in beautiful Powhatan Virginia. Everyday they are watched, played with, and cared for. They spend their time eating, sleeping,  exploring the farm and having fun with the pack and family.

Every child, mother, and family pet should rest easy knowing their Shepherd will always look out for them. No family should settle when it comes to their dog, who will live with them for many years to come.

Beauty, a Sharp Calm Mind, Loyalty and Physical Prowess is why you always choose a German Shepherd with true bloodlines.

Gypsy Rooster Ranch wants to provide all families in Virginia with that quality, which is why we offer our puppies at an UNBEATABLE price!

Puppies sell for only $3,500!

We want all of our puppies to go to loving homes, however for those people who are Breeders or who place their dogs in shows, we sell our puppies with AKC papers for a premium price of $5000.

New Puppies Available!

Our puppies are sold first come first serve! Give us a call to reserve a spot on the top of the list to be called to choose a puppy from this year’s first litter.

We expect this litter, of 6 puppies from “Big-Baby” & “Oprah”, to be fully vaccinated and ready for their new home in mid-July!

…Also… we have another litter, from “Ceaser” & “Foxy” who will be ready in August.

  • Born: June 18th
  • Litter Size: 9 (3M & 5F)
  • Parents: Ceaser  & Foxy
  • AKC Lineage: Yes
  • Available: Sept. 1st
  • Born: May 1st
  • Litter Size: 6 (3M & 3F)
  • Parents: Big-baby & Orpah
  • AKC Lineage: Yes
  • Available: July
  • Grand Opening Price: $1,500






What to Expect!

Here you can find the members of their family tree! Take a look at your puppy’s Grandfather & Grandmother and have an idea of what to expect from your unique puppy!

More videos & Family Tree Coming Soon.